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Quality and service commitment

Our company always adheres to the service tenet of "quality first, customer first", actively introduces advanced technology at home and abroad, accelerates the development of new products, and strives to meet or exceed national standards in technology, quality, and management, and to be in line with the highest international level. . At the same time, we are actively adopting first-class testing methods, striving to achieve the quality goal of "a pass rate of more than 90% for one-time inspection of products, and no more than once a month for customer complaints", so as to achieve a pass rate of 100% for out-of-the-box products. To this end, we solemnly promise to users:

pre-sale service:

Our company guarantees that the product quality meets the requirements of international and national standards and contract requirements. We provide the buyer with necessary inspection convenience and all technical consulting services. After the contract is signed, we will cooperate with the user to complete the project construction process such as project progress, design and manufacturing, drawings and documents, packaging and transportation, commissioning and acceptance. During the production and processing of the product, the buyer can send personnel to our company to supervise the production, testing and debugging. When the product is finished, the buyer can go to our company for acceptance. After the product leaves the factory, our company provides technical consulting services. If necessary, we can send technicians to train the personnel of the user unit to ensure that the user can master the performance characteristics of the product.

In-sale service:

During the product manufacturing period, we communicate with customer protection at any time, and we strictly follow the requirements in the contract.

After-sales service:

When providing users with consultation and services on product installation, commissioning, and operation, we actively cooperate with users to ensure that the product is finally put into operation safely and smoothly.

Respond promptly after receiving the user's service information. To deal with the problem, if a reasonable, effective, and feasible plan is not used to make up for the defect within the time specified in the contract (usually 48 hours), and a complete response is made, the user can take the necessary remedial measures according to the situation, but the risks and costs are left to me Party bears.

Our company’s products implement the "Three Guarantees" service. If the product has quality problems within the "Three Guarantees" period (12 months), if it is verified that it is a multi-party responsibility, according to the actual quality of the product, we will strictly perform the warranty, replacement, and warranty. Return the content of the company's quality assurance letter of commitment.